Bundled with out-of-the-box compatibility for some of your favorite plugins!

Includes the entire Bootstrap library of components…in a most WordPress-esque fashion!

Responsive Grid System

Bootstrap is built on a 12 column grid system and we’ve also added the Bootstrap responsive css styles in the framework. The Skematik framework harnesses this system in it’s templating engine and shortcode columns.

Touch Elements

The power of Bootstrap is that it is a “mobile-first” library. That’s perfect as Skematik is a “mobile-first” framework! We’ve abandoned hover elements for touch elements and committed scaling up our mobile designs to desktop size rather than the reverse.

Components as Shortcodes

Most all of the Bootstrap library components have been configured as shortcodes in Skematik! Using our shortcode generator on the page edit screen, you can add buttons, tooltips, carousels & more with just a few clicks.

More Customizable Icons

We’ve replaced the default icons by Glyphicons to use Font Awesome instead! This allows you much more control as you can now pick any color or size for your icons and you also have an additional 70 icons at your fingertips!

With additional template features you’re sure to love!

Theme Customizer

The days of customizing colors and fonts in a theme options panel are a thing of the past! We’ve taken advantage of the new Theme Customizer available as of WordPress 3.4 to give you a real-time environment to adjust colors, backgrounds and typography!

Page Templates

Our templating engine allows you to set a default page layout (right sidebar, left sidebar, full-width or three-column) for all content or define defaults for different sections of your theme (page, blog, search, etc). In addition, every page or post can have it’s own layout assigned!

Optional Core Features

We’ve extended the WordPress platform to include some features we just can’t live without…things like built in lightbox for images, image resizing script, syntax highlighting for the WordPress editor and Custom CSS field…even Retina Display Support for images. You control which features you want from the Theme Options.

A developer’s dream theme development toolkit!

Clean, Lean & Well-Commented

Skematik is a powerful theme framework while at the same time not burying you in a bunch of code. We’ve kept just the right amount of features, named our files appropriately, and commented everything so you know what everything does.

Options Panel Library

While the theme customizer is there to handle design styles, there may be options that you as a developer still want an options panel for. No need to install an options library though as you can tie into ours and make your own panels with just a few lines of code.

Metabox Library

Need to store custom data for individual items like posts, pages or custom post types? Our metabox library allows you to create custom meta fields on any item you want and has built in support for advanced field types like currency, color pickers, date/time pickers, etc.

Custom Hooks & Filters

We’ve allowed you to tie in and add on to the existing functionality of the theme by creating several custom hooks and filters to use in your own projects. Many child themes may only need a stylesheet and a functions file and we show you how with a sample child theme!